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Columbus Computer's Web Hosting/Domain  - Terms and Liability


Columbus Computer will host an account for the purchaser hereafter referred to as the Account Holder, for their chosen domain name, for the period of time according to the payment plan chosen by the user.  Columbus Computer shall provide access to a server computer which is connected to the Internet and capable of sending and receiving information over the "World Wide Web" as described more fully herein. The Account Holder wishes to establish an Internet presence using the hardware and software resources provided by Columbus Computer. The Account Holder acknowledges that Columbus Computer does not normally own or control the entire hardware and software infrastructure to which it may provide access. This contract will be automatically renewed at the end of its term.  Termination of services must be given in written form, 60 days prior to the termination date.  Phone and Email notification is not acceptable. The Account Holder agrees to abide by the following provisions of this service contract and may have to agree to additional provisions from Columbus Computer covering this and/or any future services added to this agreement.

1).  The Virtual Web Server Internet account and/or related electronic services can only be used for legal purposes under all international, federal, provincial, and municipal laws.  Violations of this or any other provision of this agreement can result in a 7 day notice to terminate service or an immediate termination of service depending upon the severity of the violation. Columbus Computer reserves the right to refuse service if the content of information provided is deemed illegal, misleading, or obscene, in the opinion of Columbus Computer.   Account Holder agrees not to store, transmit, link to, advertise or make available any images containing nudity or semi-nudity. Columbus Computer will make the final decision in any dispute over unacceptable context, and Account Holder agrees to accept Columbus Computer decision.

2).  Columbus Computer reserves the right to increase prices at any time.  If this service is paid quarterly it may be subject to future price increases.  The Account Holder agrees to follow generally accepted rules of "Netiquette" when sending e-mail messages or posting to newsgroups.  Account Holder is responsible for security of their passwords. Columbus Computer will not change passwords to any account with out proof of identification which is satisfactory to Columbus Computer, which may include written authorization with signature.  In the event of any partnership break-up, divorce or other legal problems that includes Account Holder, Account Holder understands that Columbus Computer will remain neutral and may put the account on hold until the situation has been resolved.  Under no circumstances will Columbus Computer be liable for any losses incurred by Account Holder during this time of determination of ownership, or otherwise.

3).  The Account Holder agrees not to harm Columbus Computer, its reputation, computer systems, programming and/or other Account Holders using Columbus Computer. Columbus Computer reserves the right to select the computer for Account Holders web-site for best performance.  If Account Holder breaches this agreement, then Columbus Computer has the right to terminate service without any refunds of the unused portion prepaid by Account Holder.  The Account Holder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless both Columbus Computer and any other Account Holder from any and all claims and/or costs resulting from the Account Holders use or abuse of their service in any manner. Any amounts prepaid cannot be refunded by Columbus Computer in the event Account Holder stops using this service after the first 7 days. Hosting fees and Domain Registration fees are non-refundable after 7 day trial . Setup fees are non-refundable. User's account will be renewed by the plan anniversary. User may cancel the account or requesting to not renew its service plan but must do so at least 60-days prior to the plan anniversary. Notice of Hosting or Domain Name Registration termination must be received in writing and cannot be terminated by Telephone, E-Mail or Fax.   Please call our office at 812-378-0785 for our mailing address to send in your written termination requests.

4).  Account Holder understands this service is provided on a shared server.  This means that one web-site can not overwhelm the sever with heavy CPU usage from highly active CGI scripts or chat scripts.  If your web-site overwhelms the server and causes complaints from the other users, you have outgrown the realm of shared servers, and will need to relocate your web-site.  If at any time, Account Holder breaches any part of this contract and Columbus Computer, must engage in the services of an attorney, then Account Holder will pay any and all of Columbus Computer' reasonable attorney fees and court costs.  The Account Holder's rights and privileges cannot be sold or transferred without written consent from Columbus Computer 

5).  This contract represents the complete understanding between the parties.  If Account Holder sells or resells advertising or web space to a third party then Account Holder will be responsible for the contents of that advertising and the actions of that third party. Columbus Computer has the right to reject any illegal or offensive content.  The e-mail distribution by the Account Holder  of "SPAM" , "JUNK MAIL", or "UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL E-MAIL", is expressly prohibited. If Account Holder refuses to remove any content found objectionable by Columbus Computer, Columbus Computer may terminate service.

6).  Columbus Computer will use its best efforts to maintain a full time Internet presence for Account Holder.  The network may be down due, but not restricted to, utility interruption, equipment failure, natural disaster, acts of God, or human error.  Account Holder agrees that these events may or may not occur and Account Holder will hold Columbus Computer, its employees, owners, contractors, free and harmless from any damages incurred in any event of any type of loss resulting from any reason whatsoever. Columbus Computer total liability under all circumstances will never exceed the amount paid by Account Holder for duration of this agreement.

Websites hosted by us are backed up daily to minimize the chances of data loss due to human error or an act of God.  Should at any time the hosting server system become unstable to the point that we cannot insure quality hosting services, your site will be transferred to another suitable hosting server system.  Site transfer times usually take 24-72 hours to become active.

7.) Account Holder understands that domain pointers can take between 24-72 hours for domain names to become active and for E-mails to start working for the hosted domains once domain pointers have been changed.  

8.)  All E-mail accounts are configured solely by Columbus Computer and Account Holder must contact Columbus Computer in writing to add, delete or modify E-mail accounts hosted with their domain by Columbus Computer.

9.) The Primary E-Mail account username and Password will be selected by Columbus Computer and will be a key for any FTP access to the Domain.  In the event that Columbus Computer is the Web Master the Primary Email account information will be withheld from Account Holder.

10.)  Account Holder will be supplied with an E-mail request form.  This form will be used to request New Accounts, Delete Old Accounts, or to Modify Existing Accounts.  Phone based requests will not be accepted.

11.) Access to domain name, Usernames, domain contacts, hosting servers, E-mail configuration, website content and passwords are limited for security reasons.   To prevent your website from being altered by anyone other than an authorized Columbus Computer employee, we will not provide access to the above information nor modify the content to provide access to anyone other than an authorized Columbus Computer employee.  This protects your website, our servers, and our clients websites that might also reside on the same network server.   

12.) Domain Name Registrations and Website Hosting Policies are subject to updates without notice to clients.  For current policy terms always check our website at  Payment of your hosting invoice constitutes acceptance of Columbus Computer's Website Hosting and Liability Terms as stated in this document and supersedes any previously written, faxed or signed contracts.  Each invoice specifically states "Subject to Our Hosting Terms as Found on our website at or".

13.) Domain Name Registrations (Including Domain Forwarding and other Domain/Hosting Related Services) and Website Hosting are subject to the above terms. If you have questions or comments regarding your account, you should contact Columbus Computer Via our Email Form.  All E-mails are answered in the order in which they are received.